Polished Holiday | South Africa Day Two

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Hello Everyone! So yesterday, I went out through the hotel, with my good camera, and decided to get some great shots of the scenery.  This entire experience, thus far, has been truly incredible, and nothing short of magnificent.  This first shot here is when you first exit the back of the hotel.  Its almost like you are walking into a jungle, and nothing like I have ever experienced before.

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Here is another creek right outside the hotel.  There are a ton of waterfalls, and small creeks spread around the area.

2015-02-23 06.21.22-1

The trees throughout this jungle-like area are incredibly unique, and very different.  In some of the trees past visitors have etched in messages into the trunks.  It such a unique and special place here, and truly unlike anything I have ever experienced.

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Monkeys are a huge part of Africa culture in Sun City, so they are incorporated into many different aspects of the architecture.  Here is a little stone statue of a monkey!  Stay tuned for another post tomorrow!

Polished Holiday | Sun City, South Africa

imageHello Everyone! Today was our first day in South Africa.  We arrived right in Sun City, and this photo was taken at The Palace hotel.  It is insanely amazing hotel, with the interior decked out with detail.  Something I have noticed throughout Africa so far, is how committed to their culture each individual is.  Its incredible to witness how each person embraces their culture, and their lifestyle unlike anyone I have ever seen!



Here is a great view of the hotel we are staying at, The Cascades.  It is a gorgeous hotel, with a jungle like feel right outside.



Another interesting thing is all of the different trees.  Here we have some bamboo where people carve out a message on the stems!



And here is a photo of the pool in our hotel!

See you tomorrow!



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